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hand sanitizer

  • Mediker SafeLife Hand Sanitizer

    Mediker SafeLife Hand Sanitizer 40ml

    Backed by over 50 years of international expertise in research and development, Mediker introduces Mediker SafeLife Hand Sanitizer. Use anytime, anywhere – no water needed.

    1. Mediker Safe Life Hand Sanitizer is alcohol based hand sanitizer, contains 70% v/v isopropyl alcohol
    2. Kills 99.9% of germs without any water
    3. Protect your hands against germs anywhere anytime with Mediker Safe Life Hand Sanitizer
    4. Absolutely no water or soap needed, use anywhere anytime
    5. Safe for skin
    6. Leaves skin feeling fresh with a light fragrance & cool feel after every use



    Mediker SafeLife Hand Sanitizer

    ৳ 65.00৳ 100.00
  • Savlon Instant Hand Sanitizer

    Savlon Instant Hand Sanitizer – 200ml

    Square Toiletries Limited doesn’t only limit its journey by satisfying consumers providing the same SQUARE Quality products. It also embraced the society & its people with different initiatives. From heath care to supporting Acid victims, from sports to cultural activities and from mother care to social commitments, STL is always there.

    ৳ 190.00৳ 200.00

    Savlon Instant Hand Sanitizer

    ৳ 190.00৳ 200.00

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